*sneaks in ur bedroom at night while u sleepin*

*rubs castor oil on ur edges and eyelashes*

*rubs coconut oil in ur hair*

*rubs some cocoa butter on ur elbows*

*kisses u on the forehead* 


what is the use of porn? what is it for?

(asking this because I had to ask myself this at one point to realize what I was doing)


I end up in conversations with dudes about the women they deal with and often wonder if half of these niggas actually like women?

Like I know they like women’s bodies and like sex, and subservience but do these niggas like women?

… I should probably mind my business tho.


Every black person I’ve ever met is magic. Some of them knew it and others didn’t, but every single one had at least a subtle power.


Ego and self-absorption are the only things that allow you to not forgive a petty wrong. “Do they know who I am?”, “They can never be forgiven, I am bigger than this forgiving universe [its forgiving because you are still alive]”, “HOW DARE THEY?”

I’m not begging for your forgiveness pleighboi/ pleighgurl. Get over yourself.


Black art is our alchemy. All of the best, most potent shit has come from our joy, our pain, our pleasure.


Black boys: Dont apologize for sagging your pants

Black girls: Dont apologize for your attitudes.

To the woman I love!


I can’t stress how much I’m sorry for all the pain I’ve caused to you. Not a day goes by where I wish I could’ve changed what was done in the past. I still have EVERYTHING from my favorite penny board you bought me to the post cards you sent me while I was away at college! I read those every once…

This is any letter to any girl you hurt by accident not realizing how undone you actually were, and later realizing how much she cared to help you.

Loving without being stimulated or her being “yours” is the first step.

This is a big ass deal tbh.







Black National Anthem


I still think about this

every family function
even if there aint no family
even if it aint a function
when this jawn come on
it’s damn sure bout to be one

the most accurate thing i’ve seen to date


I’m just proud to be in this.